Windows XP 32 Bit ISO Download Free

Windows XP 32 Bit ISO is available for free download. Developer of windows XP is Microsoft. The developers of Microsoft started the work for the development of windows XP in late 1990’s. The code name for windows XP is Whistler. Microsoft windows XP is a personal computer operating system. The source model of Microsoft windows XP 32 Bit is close source and share source. Users are using this operating system from 24 August 2001.

Windows XP 32 Bit ISO

Windows XP 32 Bit ISO

Microsoft windows XP is a part of windows NT family of operating systems. In the starting days of development developers use to refer windows XP as Neptune. Neptune is an operating system built on windows NT kernel. The Microsoft windows XP is an advance form of MS-DOS operating systems. Windows XP ISO Download. This operating system is advance in security, stability and efficiency. Microsoft windows XP is more advance than older versions of operating systems because it is using Windows NT underpinnings.

Features of Windows XP 32 Bit ISO:

  • Except from all this Microsoft windows XP supports FAT file format, FAT 32 file format and NTFS file format.
  • Now users can make new partitions on hard drives using FAT file system, FAT 32 file system and NTFS file system.
  • Because windows XP supports new NTFS file system so user like this operating system for advance work.
  • This operating system is a lot more user friendly than windows 95 or windows 98.
  • Even a common person can install or operate this operating system.
  • In the earlier versions of operating systems, user find it difficult to install the operating system due to command prompt user interface.
  • But in the case of windows XP user friendly interface helps the user to install the operating system easily and quickly.
  • User just needs to select a drive for the installation of operating system and select a file system for operating system.
  • A nice welcome screen make the view of this operating system even better. Download Windows XP 32 Bit ISO File.
  • A new logo and a new look is attractive and users around the world are loving it.



Windows XP 32 Bit ISO Download Free


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